Welcome to the Chocolate City @ MIT website! I hope that you find your way around the website easily! When you first hear the words Chocolate City, many probably believe that we are group who loves Chocolate! We first want to let you know that we are more than that. Chocolate City @ MIT is a living group currently living on the top 3 floors of New House 1 dormitory. It was established in 1975, with the mission of creating a support network for all of the brothers within. Our current major goals are to develop each of the individual brothers intellectually, professionally, as well as socially.

We achieve these goals by doing many major events. We develop the brothers professionally and intellectually by doing the 4-year planning seminar, Faculty Reception, as well as holding study sessions within the house. The 4-year planning seminar helps freshman and sophomores at MIT plan out their 4 years in college with each of their respective majors. Chocolate City’s Faculty Reception is an opportunity for the Brothers of Chocolate City as well as anybody else who wishes to attend to be able to interact with the faculty and staff at MIT. Study sessions are held before most of the freshman exams to ensure that they are well prepared for their exam so that they get off on the right foot.

Chocolate City also strives to build the social networks of every brother in the house. At the beginning of every semester, we host a huge party on the campus of MIT. Our previous parties have had 650+ attendees! They have always been a huge success and also help fund the other events that Chocolate City has throughout the school year, such as our semi-annual retreat where we have the opportunity to reevaluate the direction the house is going in as well as strengthen the brotherhood. Chocolate City is also open to having social networking events with other organizations within the Boston community. These events have served as amazing opportunities for the brothers to increase their network with the rest of the Boston community. If you are interested in having a social with the Brothers of Chocolate City, please be sure to contact our Social Chairs listed on the officer page.

Chocolate City has long served the Boston collegiate community and hopes to continue doing so. We hope that you will take the time to look through this webpage and please don’t be afraid to contact any of us via email if you are to have any questions.


Nenye Anagbogu, Chocolate City Class of 2018
Senior Co-Chairman

Joshua Woodard, Chocolate City Class of 2018
Junior Co-Chairman

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